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spruce comes from a national forest in washington state, the tree traveling more than 5,000 miles to get to the nation's capitol and is decorated with more than 5,000 homemade ornaments from children across the country. welcome to "red eye." tonight -- >> coming up on "red eye." has a california university come up with a secret formula that can make trees talk? we spoke to one to find out. plus does the obama administration want to keep all of the cocaine for itself instead of sharing it with friends? >> i can tell you the opposition is clear that it make more sense for powder. >> and the tragic story of a boy whose body won't let him stop doing back flips. our panel has tips on pro ect tecting -- protecting loved ones from this terrible disease. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight jie. that disease would be awesome. let's welcome our guest.
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i am here with news editor imogen lloyd webber. and her later book is called "the twitter diaries" and he is only here to pay for the cat food, andy levy. and he just returned from ironing his ascot. and the deputy editor and sitting next to me is the alleged comeed wren tom shillue. his latest and last album. it is the only way i can achieve physical pleasure. sad. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. you left your dvd at my house, greg. >> i think that is are cked an insult. during tough times they guzzled wine. the state department put the waste in wasted. splurging on liquor while the
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government was preparing to shutdown. i like the way i am reading this. the washington times reports that the department spent 180,000 on alcohol in september and 400,000 in 2012, three times the amount spent in 2008. a lot of numbers. it has gone up every year since 2008, but the end of fiscal 2012 saw a particularly big jump. that may be because toward the end of the year federal agencies tried to spend what is left in their budgets so congress is less likely to target them for cuts. well at least they have a good reason. meanwhile, taxpayer funded music lessons for donkies continue. >> you know, and they are married too which is beautiful. tom, 22 tokyo on wine.
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can you put a price on having a good time? >> no, you cannot. and i don't think $400,000 is that much. i saw the numbers and it should be much higher. look at the money we spend on foreign aid. what does the state department do? they have to relate to other countries. how dowry late? you talk. how do you relate? we should shrink the foreign aid. we should increase the aid to get foreigners drunk. >> yes, exactly. drunk foreigners are better than sober foreigners. >> a drunk foreigner is better than a sober foreigner. >> british people know that. we play millions at embassies. 16,000 only in moscow? no wonder they hate you. that does president cover a breakfast. >> you have a drinking problem is what you are saying. >> you know this and you still talk to me, greg. >> i know. the department is trying to defend itself.
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saying we are over simplifying this issue of a booze tab. we shouldn't draw a conclusion about this. that's good enough for me. is it good enough for you? >> call me a rhino and an alcoholic, but it always worked for me personally. it is a wonderful social lubricant. it is a fantastic gift. everybody likes booze except muslims and we don't need to talk to them. >> it is true. even people who don't drink like getting booze because they say, well, i will keep it for the guests. >> you are always the guest. >> i am the guest. >> embassies have always spent money on booze for diplomatic events. we don't want to look cheap. but it is our money. it is your money. they are spending it and getting drunk. >> i don't have a problem -- same with these guys, i don't have a problem with the state department spending money on
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booze. >> 16k. >> that is only two people in moscow. >> that's true. >> that's ridiculous. >> the problem is you have the procters rushing to spend whatever money they have lift over so the budget doesn't get cut. like you said, this is our money. that's the problem. the state department has to spend money on booze and that's part of their job. it would be nice if that was only the whole part of their job. they look for ways and they are so afraid of getting their budget cut, maybe their budget should be cut. >> there should be some sort of competition that forces them to have a lot of money left over. in the private sector that is called profit. >> do you want to privatize the state department? >> i want to privatize the government. it would be great if the government was privatized. >> you are right. you would get rewarded for coming in under budget. you say we can't do that if that is a bad thing. >> you need to incenti vies
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abstinence. >> and i have been saying that to all of my children. but that can't happen in a public machine. it is impossible. you lose your power. >> cut the budgets for everything else. i want to cut as many budgets as possible. if you do have money in your budget you should spend it on booze. >> i agree with you. you know what, maybe this road has been going in the wrong direction for a longtime. we have been talking for years about how government influence in private sector we hand over one-6th of the economy -- why don't we demand privatization of the government? the president cannot be -- it is a -- the white house is private. why not? >> listen, i would have privatized the schools. >> what about a privatized military? >> these are dangerous ideas. i dig it. >> we are always sitting here
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on the defensive going okay the government is good at doing this. it is good with the military, but that is a different type of agenda. >> what about where the government guaranteed every american a certain level of booze? >> i like that idea. >> it is like a negative income tax, but for alcohol. >> at least until you are 26. >> exactly. and then you have to get drunk on your own. i do want people wasted and this is my theory. you can't be a left winger when you are drunk. all of your true feelings come out. you will be with a liberal and they will be spouting stuff like, you are right. i never trusted that jackass and i voted for him. he is still a jackass. don't tell anybody i said this. and then they tell you all of this crap. you're right. this place so cks. but nobody ever becomes more liberal than when they are drinking. >> i am doing it myself. >> you know what, i understand
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why you have a gun. i have a gun too. >> then the next day it is back to guns are bad. you can't be drunk and liberal at the same time. >> you get drunk and it is racism, racism, race. racism. somebody has to do that. >> it is the them and the those people. >> i am talk about the bartenders and the jews. >> because they run everything. >> there we go. does having a girl change your view of the world? the tele prompter is in a hurry to get home. >> you should have said girl, change your view of the world. that would have been great. >> made no sense. this is interesting i think. a new study has found parents with daughters are more likely to favor the gop. the researchers say having more girls than boys or having a girl first significantly
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increases the strength of republican party identification. parents with all daughters are 11% more likely to be a right ethan parents with no daughters. there is no explanation for that. they speculate that parents of girls might favor more socially conservative policies. meanwhile, let's check in with the family of boys. >> that could be a new sport. he's having fun. it is not real i think. tom, i go to you first. you have a daughter. >> yes, i have two daughters. >> do you buy this study? >> i absolutely buy the study, but i don't buy the conclusions of this study and there was another study referenced in this study that said boys who grow up with sisters in the house are more likely to identify with the
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republican party. yes, it all makes sense. why? they speculated it is because they believed in more strict gender roles. women doing the housework. >> it was insulting. >> but it is wrong. the reason is we who have been around women. >> i have three older sisters and a mother. >> the reason we are conservative, greg, when you grow up around women you realize women are the conscience of society. liberals sthing the -- think the government is the conscious of society and that's the reason. >> interesting concept. i have another issue which i will get to last. >> agree with me first. >> i agree with you. i am frightened by your finger. imogen, are you a daughter. did your dad become more conservative after you were born? >> no. and there is that problem the republican party has in a sense that the daughters are democrats because women are voting democrat. there is a problem with the
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study. they even admitted there was a problem and it was from 1994. >> i don't need to know that, imogen. >> there are two good studies, one from the uk and one on congress members looking at their voting records and actually if you have a daughter you are more likely to vote liberally. i don't believe it. >> she does president believe it, but what -- she doesn't believe it, but what do you expect? >> i did my research. >> now i will speak from a place of total ignorance. >> other studies show that girls are more expensive than boys. >> they are. they buy more clothes and more shoes and more justin bieber paraphenalla. >> study this. if you have daughters you can see the world as a more threatening place which can
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make it conservative. pornography and promiscuity. >> good point. >> i have to be fair and that is a good point. >> thank you very much. >> i filled my yearly quota. >> that's my boy. that's what a parent would say if he is caught with a penthouse or a "hustler." if the girl is in "playboy" or" hustler" they will not say that's my girl. >> my parents caught me with a "hustler" and they did say that's my boy. >> andy, have you two girl cats. blah, blah, blah. >> girl are more expensive because women be shopping. i believe this is a law and order thing. parents with daughters are more protective in a way they aren't with sons and they are more conservative on law and order issues. that to me would be the only reason i can think of this
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being accurate. the uk studies show parents of daughters were more likely to vote for labor or the democrat parties. >> the fathers are more conservative and the daughters rebel against all of that. >> the study shows the parents of daughters. >> england doesn't count. >> the congressional study. >> that doesn't count either. i will tell you why. >> they are americans? >> it is a study of lawmakers. the lawmakers were more likely to vote liberal, but it does president matter because they are -- it doesn't matter because they are lawmakers and they are not real people. your other point that women vote democratic, that supports my argument. yes, young women do vote democratic. but that's the same reason. >> women continue to vote democratic. >> it is not really -- the democratic party loves making it about women. really what it is is single women. the democratic party --
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listen. liberals work with single people across the board and the republicans work with families. that is why we all agree. >> he is talking about how the numbers shift once you have kids. it is harder to be a liberal and harder to believe in the liberalization of values. and you have to make a budget. >> there are far more single households now than say 20 or 30 years ago so the republicans will have to start figuring out how to to be attractive to single people. >> or the single people should wisen up. >> or forced marriages. >> i want to privatize weddings. privatize marriage. here is my theory as a sibling of three sisters, conservatism or republicanism is a shield against the bad boy. it is like -- a bad boy uses
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kind of like instant gratification as a way to get a girl to come with him. you are not going to live forever. we could die tomorrow. so let's go hop in my car and go do nasty things. that's the argument. that's the same argument as liberalism. do this now and don't worry about it. the bad boy is about absolving you of delayed gratification in exchange for immediate pleasure. the only way you can fight that is to teach them to watch out for that, watch out for somebody trying to take something. doesn't that make sense? if you are sitting there and you are watching your sister or daughter come over and there is a guy that looks like a player and he has a fast car r immediate response is watch out. it may be fun to be in a fast car, but that guy is probably a drug dealer. >> first of all the whole story about hop in my car and
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let's go to the beach, i think you ripped off an old springsteen song or possibly 30 old springsteen songs. that was really all i took from what you said joi. there is nothing of value in what i said? >> no. >> that's what you call real world experience. that's what you see. you kind of go nope, nope. and then you see a normal kid and you say that kid is good because he is not trying to influence her to do something now. >> but then how do you end up becoming america's bad boy? >> i am america's bad boy because i create these theories in order to get women in bed. >> nice. >> they trust me, but briefly because then i fall apart. i am an emotional and physical wreck. i find this fascinating. but the discussion must end. they all seem very uncomfortable. america understands. america is nodding along with greg. they say i like that guy,
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greg, with his big [bleep]. coming up, i get ice cream and spread it on a vagrant's chest. that's what i do. but first, why was this ad banned from the super bowl? if you don't know, don't tell me. i like to be surprised.
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so i am moving around the studio. you find stuff that belongs to other shows like a neil caw -- cavuto mouse pad. we never had a mouse pad. >> we have mice. >> oftentimes they need to be removed. >> physically jie..
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>> we won't get into that. piers morgan wondered on his show whether the portly chris christie could follow barack obama into the white house. roll tape, tape rollers. >> he is a perfect physical specimen in many people's eyes. does it matter and he likes cheese burgers and beer and it appears to be a straight talker. >> she is not creeped out by that at all. was he this stupid in england or was he dropped on the plane? >> you know he is a friend of mine. you know the reason i wrote my last book is because piers introduced me to my co author. we stitched him up through the book. he didn't sue us. i owe him for not doing that. >> so you will let that influence your opinion? >> yes. >> that is not good.
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that's not an objective person. you can say something bad. >> shall i give you my 2016 election line? ready for this? so chris christie's medical records are going to be like mitt romney's tax returns in 2012. >> trumped up and fake? >> that's my line and you take with it what you want. >> you think they will say he is not healthy enough? >> in a way maybe they will be like obama's college transcripts. >> there you go. >> or his -- birth certificate. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. was this more about complimenting obama's awesome physique or taking a cheap shot at pour chris christie? at poor, chris christie? >> if i can suck up to imogen and i agree with piers. obama is a good looking guy. he sex liesed politics -- sexualized politics.
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he is not the first straight male broadcaster. chris matthews had the thrill of his leg. we sex -- sexualized politics. it all stems from that. whether it is barack obama or sarah palin. >> if either of them were less than attractive than they were, perhaps we would be viewing them differently. >> people get these ideas in their heads about how they need to protect them. it is a qua sigh romantic thing. you see it on internet story boards under stories about obama and sarah palin. marco rubio enjoyed being the presidential front runner because he was good looking. >> he is a charmer. he won't return my calls or my letters or my gifts or my packages. which report gift -- which aren't gifts. they are packages. i think you are like me in a lot of way u.s. and tbre with
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-- you agree with what i say. wouldn't you like to go back to a time where they were portly like ullyses s grant and that other guy? grover wilson? >> is obama that good looking? >> i think he is handsome. >> i am not that into black guys. >> great, thank you very much. >> okay. >> but he is half black. you could be into him, apparently, racist. >> we always have our ideal. remember when we were going up it was a david cassidy and bobbie sherman. but the guys with the long hair, they were like feminine men. girls would walk around with these boys on their lunch boxes. some boys would too. that was the male ideal. the thing is for piers morgan, obama is his male ideal. to piers morgan, obama is like on a lunch box. when he sees obama in his head
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he sees a montage of obama signing bills and playing on a lunch box. >> it is like my lunch box was peanuts. >> i was sean cassidy. andy, do you think his weight is going to be an issue? they are super official. superficial. >> there are two issues here. i think piers called the president a specimen. i think given the history of how black people were treated, i think it is straight up racist. piers morgan, you owe america an apology. but that aside, i don't think he was -- he wasn't going after christie. he was complimenting christie. he said, look, obama was thin and in good shape. he wasn't saying obama was
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gorgeously handsome. he said he was in good shape. >> he was a feet as opposed to burly. >> he said perfect physical specimen. and then he made a gesture with his hands as if he were caressing the man. >> i don't have a problem with that. i am not racist like you, tom. >> obviously your reaction to me, i think all of the guys on this panel are into black guys. >> he straight up said america may want a guy that looks like a normal guy who is a trustworthy guy rather than somebody like president obama who is a perfect physical specimen, but seems to have a problem telling the truth. more than said that. >> that's a good point. it is a difference between somebody who talks politics and a person who is personable. that's really what it is. there is nobody more political than barack obama and nobody more kind of like i'm gonna tell you what i think than
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chris christie. that's what brought him on the scene when he was yelling at teachers, the christie porn we played every night. >> christie has thrown up some things, big guy throwing the tie back. >> you can see the difference between the two guys. barack obama can give an excellent speech. but his press conferences are awful. you can tell he does president president -- he doesn't like taking questions. he thinks it is beneath them. chris christie loves taking questions and likes to mix it up and get in there with the people. there is an opposite personality. >> one is an introvert, obama and one is an extrough vert which is christie. >> and ultimately one will go -- it will be christie or i don't know who is against hillary. i still think it is condoleezza rice. >> condoleezza rice will be amazing, but i think it will be scott walker. >> if i could be shallow again. scott walker's hair, that is going to be a problem.
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>> so true. i only vote hair by the way. crazy people have crazy hair. remember that. we have to take a break. that was a strange topic. seemed like a good idea at the time, but sometimes they don't work out. this one wasn't awesome, but it wasn't bad. it was fun and interesting much like your host. tonight, coming up, the c block. as usual the c block is sponsored by urinals. urinals do a lot for men, maybe not so much for women. thanks, urinals. you're welcome, greg. >> choking on a hair. >> why was this ghost in court? the story hannity refuses to cover.
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>> they raised some alarms. that's where i get all of my news. the nfl rejected a pro gun ad for air during the super bowl. that's the big game between football teams. >> it is a top game. >> the stop for daniel's defense focuses on personal protection and fundamental rights. have a look, look havers.
12:33 am
i can see where that would be a problem during the super bowl. the bullets come down. the real ad please. >> for my family's safety it is my highest priority and no one has the right to tell me how to defend them. so i have chosen the most effective tool for the job. >> daniel defense. defending your nation. defending your home. >> anyway, according to the nfl's advertising policy, quote, firearms, ammunition and other weapons are prohibited. stores that sell firearms and ammunitions will be permitted provided they sell other products. the ads do not mention firearms, ammunition and other weapons. marty daniels says the spot doesn't violate the rules because they do sell other products and the commercial
12:34 am
doesn'tarms. they even offered to change the rifle logo to a picture of my face, obviously. the nfl still wouldn't budge. tom, here is the great thing about this. they spend $100,000 on the ad. the baby alone cost 75,000 and is made of silicone. it costs $4 million for a 30-second super bowl time. he is getting "red eye" to run that ad for free because it was turned down. it is worth seeing 60 to 70 million people every night and different people i might add. not siamese twins so we are not counting people twice. this was a brilliant move to be rejected. >> and i'm sure that man has daughters and he knows how to keep a budget as well. these spots -- >> these spots cost a million dollars for 30 seconds. do you think he could have put a couple dollars into lighting and wardrobe? it looked like they were wearing their own clothes in
12:35 am
that. >> maybe a graphic artist or something? >> i do want to make fun of this guy. he is taking us all for a ride and he is getting free publicity. i am not really a gun person. i like people who like guns. >> i do too. i am a gun liking liker. >> we don't have guns. >> i do have guns. you should see me at the gym. a workout joke, imogen. you said in the break there were not enough guns in the ad. that is surprising coming from a brit who despises the idea of self-defense. >> absolutely. this is textbook pr. get in on the act early with a controversial ad. i have been in america for four years. this is my four-year anniversary, "red eye" lovers and this is the first time i can remember a super bowl controversial ad. normally you hear them in january, but never around thanksgiving. it is a big strange. >> these guys are brilliant. the nfl is as violent as a sport can get and they often
12:36 am
run violent ads of movies, movies with actors with guns and often shooting at other actors in a disparaging manner. what is wrong with this ad that has none of that. >> the nfl is a private company and they can run any ad they want. >> should we make it a public company then? let's get the private company out of sport. >> i want to -- >> nationalize is the word. >> i want to single pair the nfl. >> i'm sorry i am a stupid show. >> i am taking it back to the topic, the topic at hand. >> you know why we banned this ad? ii don't have to talk about gun control. my aunt is sitting there and my aunt is going to bring up like sandy hook and then my friend takes his constitution out of his pocket and starts reciting it.
12:37 am
>> that's a good point. it does raise a bit of conflict. >> i think we should all just take a step back. >> i agree. we should take a step back into our layer of guns, andy. >> the nfl as the bearded fellow says. >> hey, that's my wife. >> has a right to run whatever they want. but shouldn't the networks make it part of their contract they can show what ads they want? >> no. >> i did not write that question. >> neither did i. >> as long as the nfl would ban an anti-gun add i am fine with this. i don't want anything political involved in this. >> don't let a climate change ad go in. >> that's real. that's different. that's not political. >> you are full of poop. >> nobody is pointing out the racism in this ad.
12:38 am
the white guy and the woman and the baby. they want to protect themselves from the jews, the hispanics and god knows who else. it is straight up racist and good for you, nfl, for banning it. >> and it is almost massage nistic. >> why couldn't she defend it? >> she is folding clothes. >> and look at her open that door. i find that sexually suggestive. what kind of parents are these? it is a cute baby though. i think we solved nothing. >> you pointed out the irony though jie. what irony? >> they will show a gun in a person's mouth in a hollywood ad that runs in the super bowl. they show buildings exploding. >> i am glad you said that was ironic. >> they show guys getting concussions all the time. >> let's move on, shall we? or keep talking about this. frankly it is up to you. vote at home by punching your tv. will she prevail because they are male? the ceo of archie comics says she can't be guilty of
12:39 am
sexually harassing employees because they are all white men. she is being sued for gender discrimination. she was accused of shouting "penis, penis, penis" during a business meeting. maybe there was a fire and she got the words confused. anyways, referring to employees as penis instead of their real names. her lawyer says the $32 million suit should be tossed out because white guys are not a protected class of people. imogen, if this was ceo and and he was a male and calling women by their genitals i think they would win the case. how will this shake out? >> a female ceo of comics? how does that happen? she is in a male dominated environment and then i realize she said some horrific things. and at one point she was a school teacher. >> is it that bad calling
12:40 am
somebody a penis? >> you don't do it at work. >> what if his name is dennis and it was a play on his maim. >> did you not read the story? >> what happened? >> one of the guys in the meeting had three penises. she was so amazed she was like, penis, penis, penis. >> tri-pod, that's his name. why did i listen to you? >> i don't know. >> will, what do you make of this? does -- there is no way a white male can be insulted. >> as a white male i would say i would be really embarrassed to sue an elderly widow because her language was too sexually crass it made me feel uncomfortable. it is not about white guilt. it has nothing to do with being white. she is an old widow and you are suing her because you were sexually harassing her.
12:41 am
imagine if a guy on a date said something. i am suing my elderly widow boss. she kept saying penis around me. these people are children. >> that's the way we are. we sue everyone and anything. we sue people over words. it is not in meaning. she could have been joking, tom. but we don't care about the meaning. we just care about the words. >> i'm sure she was joking. i agree with her. the suit shouldn't go through, but not because of her reasons. it shouldn't go through because sexual harassment shouldn't be against the law. >> it is all about feelings. it is dumb. it is an invented thing. if you are harassed you should quit your job and post on the internet major boss is a jerk. >> you don't go to the office. >> the office isn't that great. the real issue is i grew up on
12:42 am
ac -- archie comics. what do you think, greg? >> i was a jug head. >> i am an archie. there we go right there. i feel i am an archie, but people treat me like a jug head. >> they always want my to be the wacky neighbor. >> i am a veronica. >> don't women have a right to have a few risky or unusual ceo's? they have to catch up with the men. the men always had salty ceo's say what they wanted. ted turner was crazy for 20 years. her lawyer was in legal terms the way to put it an idiot. men are protected from workplace sexual harassment and the new york state attorney general said the same thing. there is no such thing as a protected class in terms of
12:43 am
everyone is protected. you can't do anything to anyone because of race or gender. it doesn't matter if you are white or black or male or female you are protected from any harassment like that. her lawyer is a straight up idiot. >> since you make that point it is perfect. if everyone is protected no one is and it shouldn't be against the law. >> just being a jerk should get you fired. time to take a break. don't think of leaving me now. i have a new book called not cool. the best cover ever. if you pre order it, you are eligible, i believe, to get a beer cozie. i think it is a coozie. go to g i said that, tele prompter. why do you fool with me, tele prompter? why do you hate me so?
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they said no to
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misteltoe. the war on christmas got war on christmaser. a girl was prevented from selling misteltoe to pay for her braces. they said she was violating a city ordinance. madison route, a perfect name, was hawking the plant at the saturday market when she was told it was illegal to sell the plant without a permit. she is so cute with that hat. the guard said it was perfectly okay for her to beg for money, but the 6th grader was not happy with that answer. on tuesday she told something called "the five," not sure what that is. it is probably some temporary, filler show, that this story is not really about her. >> it is about people who are being able to beg, but i can't raise money, work hard and have a good work ethic, but they can beg. >> somebody is getting audited. if there was fox news for kids like on saturday morning she
12:48 am
would be the host. >> there is an idea. >> open up a lemonade stand. we are going to make some cash. seriously, she's got what it takes. doesn't this sum up obama's america? begging is better than working? >> let me go off on a limb here. i don't think this story is real. they are sending her money and everything. that's the first sign of escape. she is getting money sent by the local christmas tree warehouse or farm or wherever they come from. she is adorable. does anyone else think koch brothers here? >> i was skeptical and then when i saw the interview i thought, i think she is telling the truth. do you think this is real? >> i don't know, but i don't like misteltoe. it is poisonous and it is a parasite and you can get horrible things from having to do things under it in the holiday season. it is not a good thing to sell. sell lemonade.
12:49 am
sell something better jie. what is the etiquette of misteltoe at the workplace? >> if there is misteltoe and your boss walks under it, you make out with her. >> or him. >> yes, him or her. if you are into guys which i am not. >> you are not into black guys. you didn't say you weren't into all guys. >> have an open door. >> that's disgusting and wonderful. andy, is this real? 45 seconds. >> i think it is real and i can't believe conservatives are mad about this. all other vendors had to apply for permits to sell their goods there. why should little madison jump the line like that? should she get an amnesty, greg? she didn't follow the rules and they all followed the rules? very clear rules and regulations for becoming a member and setting up a booth. she chose not to abide by the rules and was asked not to
12:50 am
sell her goods there. she should go back to the home. >> i think we have learned nothing in this segment again. a goat in court next.
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>> e block. last story. that's the last story.
12:54 am
>> this is an extremely hard story to discuss. he had sex with a goat and then it got weird. a kenyan man convicted of bestiality and sentenced to 10 years in prison was forced to face the animal in court. here is the report from kenya television network. >> a man presented in court to evidence of a kiss, but the said victim of bestiality was present. watching quietly as the alleged assailant was sentenced. middle aged man gotten years behind bars to think of the since committed with the she goat. members of public in the courtroom was shocked when the accused made the confession. the accused was 10 years for bestiality was the record in the courtroom. the accuser said he had carnal
12:55 am
knowledge of the she goat. the prosecution told the court that he was caught in the act by a man passing by where the incident was taking place. also present in court was a report from officer indicating evidence of the act. in litigation the accused pleaded for pardon saying he had a disabled wife who depended on him. the magistrate said the offense was serious. he has been given 14 days to appeal. >> okay so i have been 90 seconds left in this show. i am assuming this is real. but have i to ask, tom, why so many people in court? >> i don't know. it was very crowded. >> it was very crowded. were they all friends with the goat or friends of his? >> this is one of the 10 commandments, thou shall not covet thy neighbor's objection. >> that covers a goat too. >> you know he was fired from
12:56 am
work. they treat animals better than women there. google justice for liz and it is horrific what the kenyans do to women. >> great point and way to sober us up. >> he was sentenced to 10 years and rapists sentenced to mowing the lawn. >> that's what i said. >> will, 10 years? >> none are good. >> should i just gracefully move past you? >> looks like this story got your goat. >> the reason the goat was there, kenya's legal system has habeus-goatis. if the goat is not there there is no evidence of a crime. >> what i can't wait is the "law and order" version of this which will have a twist. it is never like -- it is like the goat ends up being -- >> what is the line before the beat? what is the end of the cold open? >> they say something like, looks like he got his goat.
12:57 am
the cop would say that. >> peta, where are you? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade.
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haven't even raised the money to try. hello, everyone. i'm andrea hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. the first obama care enrollment deadline is less than three weeks away and the president is trying to regain control o the first pam care rollout is less than five weeks away. today he went to the offensive. >> if you have good ideas, bring to me. let's go. but we're not repealing it as long as i'm president. i'm going to need some help in spreading the word. i'm going to need help in spreading the word. i need to you spread the word about the law, about its

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